About us

Us, that’s my girls Miss Annie, Miss Charlie, Dana Drabova and I, Andrea. And of course WillieWalker, my first English Setter, he left us far too soon, but he is always with me.
In 2021 we moved to a small village in the middle of fields in a true setter paradise and the Willie Walker’s English Setter Kennel was founded.
Since the WillieWalker English Setter Database is already well-known and valued among lovers of this breed worldwide, it was natural for me to name my new kennel accordingly.

I bred my first four litters together with my daughter in the kennel “of Settercity”.
In 2010 our foundation bitch Fanchon Return to Sender Gigi (Miss Lilly) came to us from Holland. Miss Lilly had 2 great litters from Lorien July Sunburst “Jethro”, from her A litter I kept Miss Annie in 2013 and from Annie’s C litter in 2017 my Miss Charlie. In 2020 we were joined by Dana Drabova, a daughter of Mister Aiden.

WillieWalker’s Kennel only breeds with pure American bloodlines and I work closely with Ing. Martin Kostelnik’s kennel Lymarkos. Thank you Martin, and thank you to Mary Winter (Dunley), Mike Brown (Fanchon) and last but not least Barbara Gruzzi (Latin Lovers) for their friendship and constant support.

I regularly take part in advanced training courses in various areas of expertise for dogs.