B Litter

ColorHearingHipspra RCD4ÖHZB ES
Miss Birdiefemale450 gorange belton+/+ 889
Mister Brucedog435 g blue belton+/+ 887
Miss Bayleefemale420 g blue belton+/+ 890
Mister Brandondog440 g orange belton+/+ 888


Ch. Lorien July Sunburst “Jethro”xCh. Fanchon Return to Sender Gigi “Miss Lilly”
HD A/A – ED 0/0HD B1 – ED 0/0
full dentitionfull dentition
bilateral hearingbilateral hearing
Jethro was born in 2008 in the United States, his sire Hector, MULTI BIS BISS AM, CAN CH Artizoe High Caliber. Jethro lives now in the Czech Republic, he has passed hunting tests and is International Beauty and Show Champion. His offspring is in the best of health and has gained already many Champion titles, his daughter being Vice World Winner 2012. He is a true English Setter Gentleman and convinces with his sweet nature.Miss Lilly was born in 2010 in Kennel Fanchon in the Netherlands, bred out of pure American bloodlines, too. Her  show success is also quite remarkable, Austrian Youth Winner 2011, some BOB and she fulfilled the requirements for the Hungarian Beauty Champion just before concentrating on her maternity. Likewise she captivates by her sweetness and gentleness, typical traits of the English Setter breed.