D Litter

Birth weightColorHearingHipspra RCD4ÖHZB ES
Miss Darcyfemale349 g blue belton +/-N/N 935
Miss Daisyfemale315 g orange belton +/+N/N 936
Miss Dawnafemale390 g orange belton +/+N/N 937
Mister Donalddog385 g orange belton +/+N/N 933
Miss Desireefemale375 g blue belton -/-N/N 938
Miss Dorothyfemale355 g blue belton -/+N/N 939
Mister Danieldog375 g orange belton +/+N/N 934

Ch. Noto Donald Trump “Giulio”xCh. Annabelle Miss of Settercity “Miss Annie”
HD A      HD A1
full dentition      full dentition
bilateral hearing      bilateral hearing
rcd4-PRA clear      rcd4-PRA clear
  • Giulio was born in Nov 2016, bred by Alessio Mocchi, Italy.
  • He has hips FCI-norm A, is both sides hearing (BAER),  rcd4-PRA clear and he has a complete scissor bite.
  • Giulio is an amazing young dog, with an awesome pedigree and excellent health results. Just at the beginning of his Show Career he is already Swiss Beauty Champion. His color is an ideal complement to my light orange Miss Annie.
  • Miss Annie was born in Sep 2013, she is from our first Settercity litter.
  • She has Hips FCI-norm A1, is both sides hearing (BAER), rcd4-PRA clear and has a complete scissor bite.
  • She has the very sweet nature from her dam Miss Lilly, this is her second litter and she is doing a marvelous job. Being an avid hunter, she is an example that beauty and working abilities don‘t necessarily contradict.