Monday, September 25, 2023


If you are interested in one of my puppies please contact me by email ( or phone: +43 660 480 51 24 and/or please fill in the Puppy Questionnaire.
In the interest of my puppies I want to meet their future owners in advance. I suggest combining this with a visit to the kennel, possible at any time by appointment, apart from 2 weeks before the puppies are due to 3 weeks after the whelping.

My puppies are lovingly cared for, nurtured, hugged and yes, also spoiled from the very first moment.
I wish my puppies a life in a dog-friendly environment, with plenty of exercise, brain work, play, fun, but also a soft pillow and a couch are part of it. English Setters are hunting dogs by profession, but in their private lives they are very sensitive, cuddly creatures that need lots of love.
I also give my puppies to non-hunters, but a concrete idea of how the dog should be exercised is a prerequisite.
The families of my puppies can contact me at any time and I am happy about every photo and also about visitors!




For more info, please visit us again!



D LITTER 2018 – Noto Donald Trump X Annabelle Miss of Settercity

Birth weightColorHearingHipspra RCD4ÖHZB ES
Miss Darcyfemale349 g blue belton +/-N/N 935
Miss Daisyfemale315 g orange belton +/+N/N 936
Miss Dawnafemale390 g orange belton +/+N/N 937
Mister Donalddog385 g orange belton +/+N/N 933
Miss Desireefemale375 g blue belton -/-N/N 938
Miss Dorothyfemale355 g blue belton -/+N/N 939
Mister Danieldog375 g orange belton +/+N/N 934

C LITTER 2017 – Fanchon Call Me Maybe Kyle X Annabelle Miss of Settercity

Birth weightColorHearingHipspra RCD4ÖHZB ES
Mister Connordog340 g blue belton +/+ 917
Miss Charlenefemale341 g blue belton +/+921
Miss Corafemale287 g blue belton +/+ A 922
Mister Cooperdog297 gorange belton +/+ 918
Miss Ceciliafemale220 gorange belton +/+ A/A 923
Mister Caedendog290 gorange belton +/- 919
Mister Caesardog335 gorange belton +/+ A 920
Miss Charlottefemale305 gblue belton +/+ A/AN/N 924

B LITTER 2016 – Lorien July Sunburst X Fanchon Return to Sender Gigi

ColorHearingHipspra RCD4ÖHZB ES
Miss Birdiefemale450 gorange belton+/+ 889
Mister Brucedog435 g blue belton+/+ 887
Miss Bayleefemale420 g blue belton+/+ 890
Mister Brandondog440 g orange belton+/+ 888

A LITTER 2013 – Lorien July Sunburst X Fanchon Return to Sender Gigi

Birth WeightColorHearingHipspra RCD4ÖHZB ES
Mister Anthonydog420 gblue belton+/+825
Miss Amberfemale395 gblue belton+/+829
Miss Annabellefemale370 gorange belton+/+A1N/N830
Mister Alfreddog392 gorange belton+/+826
Mister Aidendog390 gorange belton+/+A1N/N827
Mister Allistardog356 gblue belton+/+A/AN/N828
Miss Ameliafemale394 gblue belton+/+831